Update 7/9

My challenges are twofold now. First, I must conclude catchy explanations for why the samples that I’ve selected lean to one ideological side or another. Second, I must learn more about Omeka. I find this difficult, and yet this is why I began the program. Specifically, visitors must press a button and be taken to the subsequent page. Second, I don’t like how the pages all have to be listed in the menu bar. Why can’t I have multiple pages contained under one link in the menu bar?? I could go on, but the problems are of that magnitude–nothing terrible, but when you add them all up, the site looks primitive and amateur. The zoom out video that I posted is a great example. But the idea remains a clever one, and if I stick with it, this could be a successful page unto itself, absent the Cold War NGO schtick. Discerning a propaganda’s author across time!

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