9. False

Attribution (front or state): Front (International Union of Students)
Author/publication: World Student News
Publication date: 1984, 1985

Remarks: As Dwight Eisenhower showed us, democratic capitalists were not averse to peace propaganda. It is perfectly reasonable, then, to attribute the peace-minded 1984 cover of World Student News to the West. At no point, however, did Western fronts or states ply the peace dove as frequently as communist ones did. From Stockholm Appeal for the abolition of nuclear weapons in 1950 to the anti-Reagan, anti-Pershing missile protests of the 1980s, the eastern bloc’s “peace campaign” was as relentless as it was graphically redundant. The lower poster, designed to counter Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, or “Star Wars” program, does its best to modernize the dove with a headset.

Supplementary media:
Below is an issue of the World Peace Council’s Peace Courier periodical from 1983.

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