Aggregate Map, 1945-91

This map tracks the total number of communist front organization events that were held in a given city, irrespective of metadata like class of event (e.g. Congress) or sponsor organization. Scroll down for tips on how to explore, and modify the expanded, web-based version. For a more comprehensive guide, visit

After opening the web-based version, use the grey arrow in the upper left corner to open/close the Navigation Bar.
To lighten/darken the map: click the “Base Map” icon three to the right of “Layers” on the menu bar just below “”

To add geographic markers: scroll from “Base Map” down to “Label,” and toggle the eyes from closed to open. Do the same for “Border.”

To view data: return to the “Layers” icon on the menu bar just below “”

    1. click on the data set title directly beneath “Layers.”
    2. click on the spreadsheet icon just left of the trash can.

To change a Layer:
1. Visit “Layers.”2. Scroll down past Data Sets to Layers (see below for a sample Layer). Find the Layer that you’d like to change, and click the down arrow to view your options.

To add (and manipulate) a Timeline: click on the “Filters” icon.

    1. scroll down and click “Add Filter.”
    2. in the “Select a field” box, select “Date-0.”

To exit 3-D view: click on the cube-shaped icon in the upper right.